Side Effects of Using Lipstick for Health

Side Effects of Using Lipstick for Health – The use and application of lipstick on the lips is one step in using make-up that should not be missed, the use of lipstick can help brighten the face so it doesn’t look pale.

Many women like to use lipstick to change the look of her face or make her feel more attractive. Although it can add a different touch to the face, lipstick also has severe side effects. Lipstick and other lip products may contain potentially harmful chemicals.

1. Harm the heart

Most of the lead in the body actually comes from air, water, and food. However, sometimes lead can also enter the body through lipstick and other lip products. The risk of lead exposure into the body due to the use of lip products is higher than other cosmetics because lip products are often swallowed accidentally. When lead is absorbed by the body, it is distributed to the blood, soft tissues, and bones. Excess lead affects the heart and causes hypertension, coronary heart disease, and heart rate variability.

The amount of lead present in lip products is not stated on the product label because lead is not something that is added on purpose. It is a contaminant present in the coloring pigment. However, good manufacturing standards can reduce contamination levels.

2. Triggers problems in the brain

The lead content in lipstick is not only bad for the heart, but also affects the nervous system because this metal is a neurotoxin. This means that lead exposure may trigger problems with memory and concentration in the long term.

High levels of lead in the body can trigger health problems, such as epilepsy, unconsciousness, and even death. The lead content limit that may be present in lipstick and other lip products is 10 ppm or less.

3. Kidney damage

Lead isn’t the only chemical in lipstick you should be concerned about. Lipstick also contains other harmful elements, such as cadmium and chromium that you should be aware of. These heavy metals can cause organ damage and dangerous diseases. Very high cadmium content causes kidney failure.

It is quite difficult for our bodies to eliminate cadmium once this metal enters the body. Cadmium precipitates in the kidneys and can cause kidney failure. Therefore, women are more susceptible to cadmium-related kidney failure due to lipstick use.

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4. Lung cancer

Chromium is another element that can cause cancer. Chromium contamination is associated with lung cancer.

Lip balms and lip glosses can also contain these harmful substances. For this reason, you also need to be wary of all lip products.

5. Preservatives that cause cancer and allergies

Lipstick sold illegally contains toxins that can even cause breast cancer in women. One of the preservatives in this dangerous lipstick is parabens which can cause breast cancer and many other diseases. It can also cause some minor side effects, such as irritation of the eyes and coughing or wheezing.

Another chemical that is also often used to preserve lipstick is bismuth oxychloride. This is a chemical that is carcinogenic and can cause allergies.