October 2021

These are the Side Effects of Consumption of Caffeine

These are the Side Effects of Consumption of Caffeine – As a saying goes that anything that is done in excess will definitely cause bad things. Including consuming an excessive amount of food, it will also cause a side effect or a problem that occurs in the body. One of the drinks that can provide side effects to consumers is caffeine. Caffeine itself is known to have various benefits, such as increasing alertness, increasing energy, and preventing drowsiness. However, on the other hand, caffeine can also trigger various annoying side effects, especially if consumed in excess or consumed by people who are not used to caffeine.

Check out the reviews below to find out what side effects may be caused by caffeine.

These are the Side Effects of Consumption of Caffeine

1. Causing restlessness
Caffeine is known to increase alertness and work by blocking the effects of adenosine, a brain chemical that makes you feel tired. At the same time, it triggers the release of adrenaline, a hormone associated with increased energy. However, at higher doses, these effects can become more pronounced, leading to anxiety and nervousness.

A study in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology reports that a daily intake of 1,000 mg or more of caffeine per day can trigger nervousness, anxiety, and similar symptoms in most people. In addition, moderate doses of caffeine have been shown to cause rapid breathing and increase stress levels when consumed in one sitting.

2. Digestive problems
Many people will immediately feel the urge to defecate as soon as they drink a cup of coffee. The laxative effect of coffee is possible as a result of the release of gastrin, a hormone produced by the stomach that speeds up activity in the large intestine.

Additionally, research in the journal Diseases of the Esophagus shows that caffeinated beverages can worsen gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in some people. This applies especially to coffee. Since coffee can have a major effect on digestive function, you may need to reduce the amount of coffee you drink or switch to tea if you have digestive problems.

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3. High blood pressure
Studies in the journal Pharmacology & Therapeutics have shown that caffeine can increase blood pressure as a result of its stimulation of the nervous system. The good news is that the effects of caffeine on blood pressure are only temporary and are more often seen in individuals who are not used to consuming it. So, although it has been shown to increase blood pressure, caffeine does not appear to increase the risk of heart disease or stroke.

Research in the American Journal of Cardiology also shows that high caffeine intake raises blood pressure during exercise in healthy people, as well as in those with slightly elevated blood pressure. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the dose and timing of caffeine consumption, especially if you already have high blood pressure.

4. Fatigue
On the one hand, caffeine is often praised for being known to increase energy levels. However, on the other hand, caffeine can also trigger fatigue once the caffeine leaves the system.

A review in Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience found that although caffeinated beverages increase alertness and improve mood for a few hours, individuals are often more tired than usual the next day. Indeed, if you are used to drinking a lot of caffeine throughout the day, you can avoid the rebound effect. However, this will affect your ability to sleep, which is important for your well-being.…


The Reason for Constantly Defeating at Online Slot Gambling

The Reason for Constantly Defeating at Online Slot Gambling – The popular online gambling game today is the online lottery gambling game, this game is believed to be very profitable for players.

Online slots are unique games and of course also easy to play by any player. This is one of the reasons slot games are so popular today. But besides being unique and easy to play, many players who are still confused always experience defeat when playing. What makes a player lose?

Of course there are reasons behind players often experience defeat. And the reason is because of the wrong way in slot games which makes some players often experience defeat. There are still many players who do not understand how to play and what mistakes they should avoid when playing slot88. We will give some mistakes that are often made by players and without realizing it they continue to fail.

As a player and a fan of slot games, you should be able to assess what methods can be done and what methods should be avoided. It’s a pity if you go the wrong way in slot games and cause big losses. Of course you don’t want to experience that, which player wants to continue to lose continuously. Therefore you must avoid going the wrong way in the slot games below:

The Reason for Constantly Defeating at Online Slot Gambling

1. Wrong site selection

The first step you should pay attention to is choosing a slot site. Don’t let you go the wrong way and choose a website that you can’t trust. Slot sites that you can trust are sites that have official licenses and provide convenience.

Trusted slot websites such apart from having an official license they also always maintain the comfort of members with any winnings that will be paid in full and quickly.

2. Slot Game Variants

The second mistake that players often make is choosing the wrong slot game variant. Many players often choose slot games that have been played by many players or that have gone viral.

Avoid this wrong path and choose a slot variant that is still rarely played by other players. Because slot games that are still rarely played will be easier to give you a win.

3. Playing Capital

Many players use minimal capital to play slots and hope to get a win quickly. Players who think so are players who have gone the wrong way. Slot games are a type of game that must take a long time to win the game. You must have sufficient capital when playing slots, so you can see the situation of your own game.

4. Bet Amount

Some players want to immediately get a big jackpot and then place a large number of bets. This method is wrong, don’t expect too much to get a win, you will experience a lot of losses.

You should make a small bet first, while looking at your playing situation. If you see a favorable situation you can increase your bet amount. So play by being able to see the situation when to raise the bet and when to lower the bet.

5. Get Emotions

There are still many players who can’t control themselves, when they lose they use their emotions to play and the result is defeat. Due to one’s own path, everything becomes out of control…