June 2021

These are 8 Benefits of a Warm Bath

These are 8 Benefits of a Warm Bath – Taking a hot shower does sound trivial. However, after knowing the benefits of taking a warm bath, you may no longer see one eye or underestimate it. After doing tiring activities and struggling with a lot of work, cleaning yourself with a warm bath becomes one of the relaxing activities for the body and mind.
Maybe, a warm shower sounds trivial to some people. However, for the health of your body, a warm bath has a myriad of benefits whose effects can be felt immediately.

Benefits of a warm bath

In Japan, there are public hot springs (sento) that people usually visit after work. There, sento is considered to be able to cleanse the body and mind, with the benefits of taking a warm bath.
In Indonesia, there may not be many hot springs that can be visited every day. However, you can feel a warm bath at home alone. What are the benefits of a warm bath?

1. Has a therapeutic effect
According to dr. Bobby Buka, a dermatologist from New York, United States, you can feel the benefits of a warm bath for health, because the skin is able to release endorphins, when moistened with warm water.
Therefore, a warm bath can provide a therapeutic and refreshing effect, because blood flow to the skin is increased.

2. Improves breathing
The temperature of the warm water and the pressure on your chest can increase lung capacity and oxygen intake.
Just like the effect of a sauna, according to several developing studies, the benefits of a warm bath can reduce the risk of heart attack, improve blood sugar control, and lower blood pressure.

3. Improve sleep quality
Decades of research also proves that the benefits of a warm bath can improve the quality of your sleep. Because, the core body temperature will increase, when you are soaking or soaked in warm water.
Then, when you get out of the shower, your body temperature will signal that your body is ready for bed. This can make your sleep quality better, and of course, sleep faster.
For those of you who suffer from insomnia, take a warm bath before bed, you can try.

4. Burn calories
In one study, a warm bath has been shown to burn calories. The researchers asked 10 men to take a warm bath and bath.
The result, the respondents experienced burning 126 calories per hour. This amount can usually only be reached when you walk about 25-30 minutes.
In the same study, there is a conclusion that the benefits of a warm bath can also avoid spikes in blood sugar after eating.

5. Relieve pain in the body
Soaking in a large tub full of warm water, can relieve pain in the body. There are studies that show cases in people with Ehlers-Danlos disease. This disease makes the sufferer’s body very “fragile”.
The study proves, taking a warm bath can relax the muscles of the body of Ehlers-Danlos sufferers. Thus, pain in the body, can be relieved.

6. Improve brain health
In a 2018 study, bathing with warm water was shown to stimulate brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF is a protein that has many functions for the brain, such as:
Promote the survival of nerve cells
Promotes the growth, maturation and maintenance of nerve cells
Improve the brain’s ability to learn and remember
The study involved 8 men, who were divided into two groups. The first group took a bath with hot water for 20 minutes. The other group took a bath with warm water.
Participants who showered with hot water had higher levels of BDNF. Researchers concluded, hyperthermia caused by hot baths can increase the production of BDNF.

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7. Improves heart health
The next benefit of a warm bath is to improve heart health. A 2014 report showed that warm water can increase blood flow in people with heart failure. Because, blood vessels will dilate when exposed to high temperatures.
Then, in a 2012 study, warm water was also shown to relieve stiffness in blood vessels.
The study showed that participants who put part of their feet in hot water for half an hour, were able to relieve stiff blood vessels.

8. Relieves headaches
The next benefit of a warm bath is to relieve headaches. Generally, headaches occur when the blood vessels in the head are narrowed.
By taking a warm bath, it is believed that the blood vessels in the head will feel relaxed and free from pressure, so that the headache can be relieved.

The right temperature for a warm bath

Don’t just take a hot shower. The level of heat from the water, must also be considered. As said by a professor from the University of Texas, United States, the temperature of the water is very important, so you can feel the benefits of a warm bath.
In essence, the water should not be too hot, or even cold. This can cause the benefits of a warm bath to reverse, and have no positive impact on the body…


Benefits of Breakfast for Body Health

Benefits of Breakfast for Body Health – In fact, in the morning, the body needs energy intake to restore energy after sleeping long enough at night. Especially when you have a long night’s sleep, your stomach becomes empty. This is the reason why breakfast is so important before starting an activity. If judging from the English language, breakfast is called breakfast. Break means rest and fast in English means fasting. Fasting in this sense is the condition of the body that does not get food intake while sleeping at night.

Imagine if you skip breakfast, your body will ‘fast’ for a long time. It will get worse if you don’t eat the night before. The body will feel weak and do not have a source of energy. The importance of breakfast in the morning, does not mean that you can eat anything as long as your stomach is filled with food. It’s good to set the breakfast menu properly so that the intake that enters the body is also nutritious.

A healthy breakfast is one that contains whole grains such as whole grain cereals, protein, cheese, low fat milk, fruits and vegetables. Breakfast that contains protein such as beans, chicken, fish, hard-boiled eggs, and lean meats. And the combination of complex carbohydrates, a little fat, fiber, and protein, turns out to be beneficial for health and can make you feel full for a long time.

If you still take breakfast for granted and take breakfast for granted, it’s a good idea to know the various benefits of breakfast that your body will feel if you are disciplined to eat breakfast every morning.

1. Supports busyness in the morning
When the body gets food intake that is a source of energy, of course this will support your various activities and activities in the morning. The benefits of breakfast can also make the quality and performance of the brain work well so that it supports activities in the morning you can run with more enthusiasm.

Skipping breakfast means your brain is not ready to think, concentrate, remember, and so on. Where the benefits of breakfast are important for students, students, and workers.

2. Replenish body energy
For those who regularly have breakfast in the morning, it will make themselves more energetic so that the feeling of hunger and weakness after waking up will no longer be felt. Because one of the benefits of breakfast is to replenish energy after the body has fasted long enough. Like a cellphone, your body also needs to be charged if it’s low on the battery as soon as possible.

3. Help diet program program
The benefits of breakfast can also be felt by those of you who are running a diet program aka struggling to lose weight. So that your diet program runs smoothly and does not fall apart, you should not skip a healthy breakfast in the morning.

The thought of skipping breakfast so that you can lose weight quickly is wrong. On the contrary, breakfast with a healthy and nutritious menu will increase your metabolism and better control your appetite. So if you do it regularly and disciplined, it will have a significant impact on your weight loss.

4. Improve cardiovascular system health
It turns out that routine and discipline in not skipping breakfast can improve the health of the cardiovascular system, you know. The benefits of this breakfast are obtained if the menu you eat is healthy and nutritious, so that LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol levels decrease.

A healthy breakfast can strengthen heart muscle cells which can make you avoid stroke and sudden heart attacks. Choose a breakfast menu that contains lots of fiber.

5. Overcoming the problem of anemia
For those of you who suffer from blood problems such as anemia, then breakfast in the morning is something you must do and should not be missed. A healthy and nutritious breakfast menu can overcome the problem of anemia that you suffer from. In addition, choose a breakfast menu that contains lots of vitamins so that your body avoids the problem of iron deficiency. When you start breakfast, try to eat fruit.

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6. Boost the immune system
Another benefit of breakfast that you can feel is that it can boost the immune system. This applies if the breakfast menu that you consume contains a lot of antioxidants such as fruits. Foods that are high in antioxidants can make you more immune, stronger, and less likely to get sick. You can also easily avoid the risk of chronic disease when your immune system is good.

7. Lowering blood sugar levels
It is important for diabetics to discipline breakfast in the morning. Because, one of the benefits of breakfast can reduce blood sugar levels. Internal glucose levels can be maintained normally with a healthy and nutritious breakfast menu. The healthy breakfast menu for diabetics is food that contains high fiber.

Such as consumption of whole grains, whole wheat bread, and oats. In addition, it is also good to consume low-fat milk for breakfast.

8. Maintain bone health
The next benefit of breakfast is that it can maintain bone health. Discipline breakfast in the morning can make bones healthy and strong, especially the breakfast menu contains lots of calcium. You can have breakfast with milk, fruit yogurt, or cheese every morning.

9. Improve digestive system health
A breakfast menu that is rich in dietary fiber is beneficial for a healthy digestive system. Fiber can launch bowel movements so that it can overcome the problem of constipation or bowel movements that are not smooth. In addition, it can also overcome the problem of stomach inflammation and other digestive problems.

10. Maintain healthy skin
Healthy skin can be obtained with breakfast discipline. You can feel the benefits of this breakfast by eating foods that are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Just look, you will feel your skin is healthier and well-groomed.…


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